Cameraland Physical Store 68 Long Street Cape Town      

As a company that has been around for over half a century, Cameraland now brings you a unique space for you to explore your creative potential.

DISCOVER more than just a store. Let us take you on a journey.

BE INFORMED when you join one of our classes or one-on-one tutorials to help you get the most out of your purchase. From click to composition, from post-production to printing, come learn with us.STIMULATE YOUR IMAGINATION with our monthly ‘Be Inspired’ evenings, featuring leading photographers and artists; or join us on our rooftop theatre for a viewing of the latest films and documentaries on photography, art and life. Did we mention our rooftop also makes a great location for events and photo shoots? 


MARVEL at the talent and creativity that is showcased in our gallery; sip a delicious cappuccino while surfing the web and browsing iconic books on photography in our 1st floor café. ADAPT to the trends when you visit our Apple store and browse the latest in Apple hardware, software and accessories. CONNECT with a store that is unlike any other, where we’re proud to push the boundaries of innovation.


Be a part of our COMMUNITY


Change The Way You See The World


Our History

1958   -   Gerald Shap opens Shap's Pharmacy
1960   -   Shap's Pharmacy becomes Shap's Cameraland
1964   -   The store expands
1969   -   Richard Williams joins the proud Cameraland family. Richard is still part of our Team and is our longest serving employee.
1975   -   We've sold 1000 cameras!
1982   -   Shap's Cameraland became the first store in Cape Town to offer a one-hour developing and printing service. (Today, Shap's Cameraland offers the finest printing the world has to offer, running the latest and most advanced Kodak and Fuji Frontier digital lab)
1985   -   Shap's Cameraland launches its repair & service centre
2000   -   Developed 10-storey parking facility for the customer convenience
2002   -   Launch of the digital camera in South Africa - and Shap's sells a whole range
2005   -   Shap's Cameraland launches its website enabling people from all over South Africa to enjoy our product range and expertise
2008   -   Happy 50th birthday to us!
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