Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L Macro IS USM


• Canon L-series high performance macro • 4 stop Hybrid IS • Life size image reproduction (1:1) • UD lens element • Water and dust resistant • Three position distance limiter • 9 blade circular aperture for beautiful bokeh • Ring type USM AF motor • Op...

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8
Lens Mount Focal Length Lens Aperture

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L-series quality
L-series is Canon's flagship professional lens range, representing the best in precision-designed EF optics. L-series lenses combine superior performance with superlative handling, and are resistant to dust and moisture.

Hybrid Image Stabilizer
The new Image Stabilizer designed specifically for inclusion in a macro lens. It is able to correct lens shift movement as well as the angular movement that most IS systems can correct. This provides 2-stops of correction during 1.0x magnification, increasing to 3-stops at 0.5x magnification and 4-stops during normal shooting.

Ultra low dispersion (UD) lens element ensures high image quality
A UD element within the lens design effectively removes chromatic aberration. This allows for excellent image quality with high resolution, high contrast and excellent colour reproduction.

Focus limiter switch
To enhance the photographer’s use of the lens, it is fitted with a 3 position focus limiter switch. With limits for close up subjects, distant subjects and all subjects, the user is able to increase the autofocus speed making quick shots a possibility.

Beautiful background blur with 9 blade circular aperture
A circular blade aperture helps to create attractive, even background bokeh when isolating subjects at wide apertures.

Fast quiet autofocus
The ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor) drives extremely rapid autofocus with near-silent operation. Full time mechanical manual focus override is available without having to switch out of AF. The lens offers a minimum focusing distance of 0.3m.

Product Brand Canon
SKU 13267
Focal Length 100mm
Lens Mount Canon EF
Lens Aperture f/2.8
Diaphragm Blades 9
Lens Elements / Groups 15/12
Angle of View 24°
Lens Magnification 1x
Autofocus system USM (Ultrasonic Motor)
Minimum Focus Distance 30.48 cm
Image Stabilization Yes
Filter Thread Size 67mm
Environmental Sealing Dustproof and Moisture Proof Sealing
External Dimensions 7.77 x 12.29 cm
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