Exhibition Launch: beyond Beyond by Kali van der Merwe

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Join us as we launch the beyond Beyond exhibition with couch conversations at Cameraland on Thursday 8th October. Guests are invited to listen and join in the discussion as we push the boundaries and inspire with new ideas. The featured artist, Kali van der Merwe, has an undeniable talent for enchanting and stirring up that deep curiosity and childlike wonderment with her work. The exhibition promises to be a rather refreshing glimpse of natural beauty in the heart of a bustling CBD.


Event Details

Exhibition Launch: Thursday 08 October 2015

Time: 18:00

Venue: Gallery Space (First Floor), Cameraland (68 Long Street)

Parking: Free parking at Park On Long (55 Hout Street)

Featured Artist: Kali van der Merwe

Curator: Jackie Ruth Murray

Exhibition Closes: Saturday 07 November 2015



beyond Beyond Exhibition | Cameraland Cape Town

beyond Beyond Exhibition | Cameraland Cape Town

beyond Beyond Exhibition | Cameraland Cape Town


What To Expect:

The beyond Beyond photographic and video exhibition launches with couch conversations as we are joined by a few leading creative thinkers and share thoughts centred around the exhibition’s main theme: Plant Intelligence and Consciousness: Common and Endangered Fynbos Flowers and Insects.


Couch Conversationalists:

Kali van der Merwe, featured photographic artist.

George Davis, SANBI Fellow with the CareTakers Biodiversity Film Project.

Virginia Mac Kenny Michaelis School of Art Associate professor in painting, art critic, and writer with a special interest in environmental issues.

Hanien Conradie, Fine artist whose work searches for answers to questions around belonging and uniqueness.

Gerhard van Deventer, Environmentalist and educator, Sandburg Fynbos Reserve.


Printing by Art Lab Fine Art Printers and Catered by Out of this Planet Catering, both proud sponsors of the event.


Introducing Kali van der Merwe

beyond Beyond Exhibition | Cameraland Cape Town

"Human beings tend to think we have the monopoly on consciousness. Having lived outside of the noisy, over-saturated, mediated city context for five years now, I have slowed down to attune myself to the world of plants, creatures, silence and stars. In a quest to deepen my personal creativity, as an image maker who uses photography as a medium, I have situated myself in the heart of the Overberg fynbos region. The exuberant fynbos forms the main part of the Cape floral kingdom which has the most abundant proliferation of species in the world. As healthy as this sounds, our glorious heritage is seriously at risk with over 1000 species close to extinction.


Through my work, I am presenting a case for sentience to be extended to plants who, in their static nature, have developed some of the most intelligent, resourceful ways of bringing to themselves what they need to survive. If anyone viewing my creations can come away with a sense of marvel, mystery, deeper connection, greater affection or empathy for the creatures and plants we share our greater context which, then I feel I have made a tiny contribution to a hopefully expanding awareness of our mutual interconnectedness.


In essence, we are all different versions of spiralling DNA."


-       Kali


Visit Kali’s website to find out more about her work or contact the exhibition's curator, Jackie Ruth Murray.

beyond Beyond Exhibition | Cameraland Cape Town


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