Featured Photographic Artist: Neville Lockhart

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Let us introduce you to Neville


Neville Lockhart is one of the featured artists at our FotoExhibit #2, an exhibition showcasing some of the most impressive talent the Mother City has to offer. Visit our first floor coffee shop and exhibition space to view during the month of August 2015.


Neville is a commercial photographer based in the beautiful city of Cape Town. His approach to his work is to create classic, enduring imagery while striving to craft visuals that appear as natural, fresh and authentic as possible. His photographic work is often based on personal experience, making his lifestyle work tangible and realistic for the viewer. Always looking out for the interests of the client, Neville aims to deliver the best results possible. A family man at heart, when his not behind the camera you’ll probably find him at his wife’s side cheering their sons on the sports field.

His Philosophy: Love God, Treasure Life, Capture The Moment

1. How would you classify your photographic style and who inspires you?
I would classify my style as being “classic”. I love working the images right in camera and doing as little as possible in post-production.

One of my favourite photographers is Yousuf Karsh, Master portrait photographer who inspired my early work. I learnt a lot from Alain Proust who taught me the most valuable trait in photography, i.e. to “read” light. Bernard Jordaan showed me the beauty of soft light. Annie Leibovitz helps me to think bigger and Alexia Sinclair reminds me to be more creative.


2. What is it that draws you to pick up your camera and take a photo?
There’s not a lot that draws me to “take" a photo, however “making" a photo is a different story. Anybody can “take" a photo, just use your phone, no need for a camera. But few have the ability to “make" a photo. I, for one, hope to be one of them.


3. What type of gear do you use and do you have any favourites?
I currently use a Canon 5D MKII with an assortment of Canon lenses for my digital photography. Even in this Digital World, I have not lost my fondness for film. It’s pure, plain and simple. One of my all-time favourite medium format cameras is the Mamiya RB67 which I used for many years. On the odd occasion, I’ll use my Hasselblad 501c and I also use a Zeiss Ikon Nettar from the 1930’s. All of these have zero electronics.


4. What would be your ultimate shot and how would you shoot it?
Not sure what my ultimate shot would be. We are surrounded by the most beautiful city in the world, and live in the most amazing country. So maybe, use the Hasselblad in space, like NASA used to do on their space missions?


5. What is the most challenging part of photographing your preferred subject?
The most challenging for me is to have a preferred subject. Photography is so diverse with many opportunities. Saying that, my preferred media is good old fashion B&W prints. I miss the darkroom and digital is just not the same.


6. What’s next on the horizon that you’re most excited about?
I’m excited about my new online store. The images in the store are non-commissioned. It’s a “break away" from my commercial work and a space for me to be creative. Find it at www.nevillelockhartstore.com


7. If you could go back in time and offer yourself one piece of advice when you picked up the camera for the first time, what would it be?
My advice would be to take the time to think about the image before picking the camera up to shoot. Use a tripod. Slow things down. It’s a moment that will be captured forever, so make it right the first time.


Website: www.nevillelockhart.com

Neville Lockhart | FotoExhibit #2 at Cameraland

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