Fuji Instant Colour Film Instax Wide 10 Pack

An ISO 800 wide picture format colour film that yields glossy results with excellent colour reproduction and superb sharpness when shooting in both daylight and flash conditions. Image size: 62x99mm | Film size: 86x108mm

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This 10 sheet pack of Fujifilm Instax instant colour film in Wide Picture Format was specifically designed for use with the Fujifilm Instax camera series. However, there are other instant cameras designed to be compatible with this film as well. Able to deliver outstanding sharpness and superb colour reproduction when shooting in daylight or with an electronic flash, it ensures that precious memories are captured instantly and perfectly time after time. The dimensions of the film, approximately credit-card-sized, make it easy to file, display or keep in your wallet.


Product Highlights

• Film speed: ISO 800/30
• Colour temperature: Daylight type (5500K)
• Glossy finish
• Resulting image features a white frame and notation area (supports writing with non-water-based-ink pens)

Product Brand Fujifilm
SKU 16026630
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