Hahnel Captur Module Pro

Ideal for creative, nature, wildlife and sports photography | Featuring four built-in pro sensors, i.e. light, sound, laser and IR (Infra-Red), as well as an auxiliary port whereby third party sensors or sensor plates can be connected.

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With built-in laser, light, sound and IR (Infra-red) sensors, the Hahnel Captur Pro Module is the ideal tool when shooting in any environment where timing is imperative to getting that perfect shot. Creative, nature, wildlife and sports photographers will all enjoy the impressive level of functionality this system has to offer. The variety of sensors and programming make it easy to set up a camera to capture time lapse shots, high speed subjects and even wildlife when it should come into the frame.

For added functionality, users can connect a third party sensor via the auxiliary port or connect wirelessly to their cameras using the Captur system (sold separately). Powered by two AA batteries, the Captur Module Pro features a wireless range of up to 100m, digital channel matching, a shutter release button that supports autofocus, single and continuous shooting and bulb mode, and can be programmed for timed sequences including delay, interval, exposure count and exposure length settings.

Pro Sensors

• Light: Detect any sudden changes in light levels such as lightning or fireworks
• Sound: Capture glasses shattering, water droplets hitting a surface and balloons popping
• Laser: A laser beam can be used to capture amazing macro and wildlife shots
• Infra-red: Trigger the camera when a moving subject breaks the beam. Ideal for wildlife and sports photography.

Product Brand Hahnel
1x Captur Pro Module
1x IR Module
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