Hahnel Inspire Live View Remote Control for Nikon

• 3.5” LCD displays LiveView image of the Camera • Built-in camera gives LiveView image even for those DSLR’s without this feature • Easily switch between DSLR LiveView & built-in CMOS camera view • Playback the pictures taken without having to go back to the camera • Control s...

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Built in 3.5” colour LCD on the handheld transmtter displays a LiveView image independent of DSLR.
View these live images from up to 60 metres away from the camera, ensuring you take the perfect photo at exactly the right time.
 Ideal for wildlife, sport, hazardous photography.
If your DSLR lens is set in a close-up zoom, the built-in CMOS camera in the Inspire receiver is a seperate, convenient wide-angle LiveView for surveying the overall scene.It allows you to monitor the scene prior to
switching to zoomed-in DSLR LiveView to take the shot.

Camera Compatibility:
Built in Phono socket allows easy connection with the Camera AV output (use the AV cable supplied with camera).
Cameras which do not have an AV output or LiveView feature can still be used.
The built-in CMOS Camera on the
receiver sends a LiveView of the camera scene to the LCD on the handheld transmitter.

The Inspire allows the saving of images taken. Then play back the pictures in the Inspire transmitter without having to go back to the camera.

Multiple Remote Camera control:
The Inspire will allow you to control 4 different receivers connected to 4 different DSLRs.
Switch between the LiveView scene of each camera from the transmitter at the touch of a button.
Whilst you control one camera, the other receivers go into sleep mode
conserving power.

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