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Manfrotto 190 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod (MT190XPRO3)

This redesigned tripod uses ultra-lightweight yet super-strong aluminium construction. Featuring Quick Power Lock on all leg sections as well as an Easy Link Plug and rotating bubble level for ultimate versatility and functionality.

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The original Manfrotto 190 Series Aluminium Tripod was, and still is, a firm favourite amongst photographers and videographers across all fields thanks to its rugged construction and outstanding versatility. Now, Manfrotto introduces the MT190XPRO3, an all-new version redesigned from the ground up. The aluminium tripod features new refinements offering even greater functionality and versatility in a durable and lightweight construction. The tripod sports Manfrotto’s new Quick Power Lock (QPL) System which allows for lightning quick, one-handed operation. An ingenious 90° central Column can be used in standard vertical mode or horizontally, similar to a boom, allowing for a wide range of shot applications.

Extended versatility and functionality

The MT190XPRO3 Aluminium Tripod not only features durable and lightweight construction with convenient and quick one-handed operation, the tripod is also great for more intricate and focused work such as macro applications. The tripod leg angles can be individually extended to give you as much as 8 centimetres of ground clearance for really close-up work. The built-in Easy Link plug also allows you to attach a variety of accessories including lights, reflectors or Manfrotto’s own articulated or flexible arms. The tripod also includes a fully-rotational bubble level, guaranteeing perfect precise frames regardless of terrain or angle of operation.


• Quick Power Lock on all Legs
• 90° Column Feature
• Easy Link Plug
• Rotating Bubble Level
• Load Capacity: 7 kg
• Max Height: 160 cm
• Folded Length: 58 cm
• Weight: 2 kg

Product Brand Manfrotto
1x Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod
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