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Manfrotto MMXPROA5 XPRO Land 5-Section Aluminium Monopod


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The new XPRO Land is a professional camera monopod made to satisfy all photographers that need a very portable and high-performing solution to be easily carried when travelling. This is the most compact monopod of the new range and easily packs inside a backpack or a messenger camera bag. Since portability can’t sacrifice performance, the Land is equipped with state of the art legs that provide rigidity and locking safety.

The MMXPROA5 is a 5-section monopod dedicated to travellers. It packs down to only 41.5cm when closed and weighing only 0.7kg. The new D-shaped aluminium tubes ensure rigidity and steadiness – they greatly improve the anti-rotation resistance throughout the monopod following the fast rotating movement of the photographer. This, combined with the Quick Power Lock system that strongly locks the lever on the flat face of the tube, reduces unwanted jerky movements and ensures excellent image quality. The QPL levers are solid and fast, releasing effortlessly with a single hand movement. This monopod is handy and versatile in the field, thanks to the newly designed rubber leg warmer that provides an exceptional grip, and the dual 1/4''-3/8'' camera fixing screw on the upper disc. Attach camera directly or use with a head such as the 234RC.

Maximum height: 141cm
Closed length: 41.5cm
Safety payload: 6kg
Weight: 0.7kg

Product Brand Manfrotto

Manfrotto MMXPROA5 XPRO Land 5-Section Aluminium Monopod

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