Nikon TC-20E III AF-S Teleconverter


• 2x Optical conversion factor.
• Advanced optical design.
• Aspherical lens element.
• Nikon IC lens coating.

Nikon F FX / DX N/A N/A
Lens Mount Focal Length Lens Aperture

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TC-20E III AF-S Teleconverter by Nikon

The TC-20E III AF-S Teleconverter has an outstanding optical quality and is geared to meet the high demands of Nikon FX-format camera users. Its primary function is to effectively double the focal length. The newly developed optical design does not only provide an added focal length but also provides superior contrast and resolution. It has one aspherical lens element which virtually eliminates lens aberrations.

This specific teleconverter can also be effectively employed with a Nikon FX and DX digital SLR cameras

Model number: 4960759025937

Product Brand Nikon
Focal Length N/A
Lens Mount Nikon F FX / DX
Lens Aperture N/A
Lens Coatings Nikon IC lens coating
Lens Element Types Aspherical lens element
Lens Elements / Groups 7/5
Autofocus system Yes
External Dimensions 66 mm x 46 mm
Weight 330 g
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