Olympus TCON-01 Tele Converter


• Waterproof to 10m (TG-1) and 15m (TG-2). • Telephoto shooting with 1.7x magnification • Capture far away motifs by extending the focal length from 100mm to 170mm • Easy attachment to the camera, even underwater.

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Unlike with most cameras in the compact class, you can attach waterproof converters and 40.5mm lens filters to the TG-1 or TG-2 using the CLA-T01 conversion lens adapter. The tele converter lens TCON-T01 dedicated for use with TG-1 lets you increase the optical zoom ratio by 6.8x - for dramatic close-ups with professional-looking background blur. With the Super-resolution Zoom feature of TG-1, you can even reach 13.6x magnification. This conversion lens is particularly helpful when shooting long-distance shots enjoying the high brightness even for far away scenes.

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