Outsmart Black Friday

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Outsmart Black Friday with these 4 Points.


Black Friday has landed! It’s a very busy time of the year.

Shops will be packed with people trying to find the best deals.

We have put together some pointers to help you Outsmart this year Black Friday.


1. Grab a Bundle Deal!


By far some of the most highly anticipated product specials amongst the variety of annual Black Friday Deals are the Gear Bundles and Product Kits.

As is sometimes the case, for many cameras on the market, the customer purchases only the “body” of the camera - this is a camera without lenses or other accessories – all of which must be bought separately before you can take any pictures.


Bundles are fantastic because they are essentially a complete camera kit, with a lens and a few accessories - such as a camera bag, flash or a lens cleaner. This means that from the moment of purchase you are ready to go and can usually begin shooting.


So whether you are buying your first professional camera, or on the other side of the spectrum - you are an experienced Photographer looking to upgrade - by carefully selecting a well-priced Black Friday Bundle Deal you can make your money go so much further.


2. Look to upgrade your current “Wishlist.”


With an improvement of skill tends to come the desire or need to improve one's tools, and the Camera Industry, like most Tech-Related Industries, is always evolving.

As you become familiar with different brands and techniques, it is likely that you are looking to upgrade to a better camera or buy a better quality lens.


If you've been keen to buy that new gear for some time, it's likely that you are generally familiar with the brand's product calendar and product releases. While Black Friday is the perfect time to finally take that step and buy the upgrade you've been eyeing up, why not pause a moment and check if you can upgrade your “upgrade”?


Brand-wide Black Friday discounts could mean that you have a chance aim a little higher than your current wishlist and buy a better piece of gear.

If the more recently released version of the product which you've been looking to buy is also being sold at a bargain price, it is definitely worth it to invest a little more, in exchange for the higher quality offered by a superior product.

Newer gear allows you to stay relevant and engaged in a rapidly progressing industry.


3. Make the “small stuff” count!


Ah, storage. If you've ever arrived for a shoot only to find your Memory Card Slot empty, then you understand the true necessity of those small, but big, Memory Cards.

(By the way, if you have actually experienced this – particularly at a Wedding – please share your story with us!)


Stocking up on storage means that you have backups, and backups of the backups, and best of all, you have the freedom to quickly go from one shoot to another without needing to stop to make space by deleting some pictures from your first shoot which you only “sort of like”.

Aside from draining your time, this tends to drain your battery.


So, since you are aware that you could always use an extra Memory Card, why not stock up on Black Friday, when they are likely to be discounted?

You will be doing yourself a favour, and your pocket, your battery, and the bride who's booked your Photography services this weekend, will thank you for it.


1. Don't forget about Cyber Monday


The Monday after Black Friday is also gaining momentum as a Flash Deal Day. In case you weren't able to get your hands on “that” special gear on Black Friday, wait for Cyber Monday, which is sort of like the technology-focused smaller version of Black Friday.


Keep your eyes on our website, and you may have a second chance to score that awesome discount!


Happy Snaps. 

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