Part-Time Beginner's Photography Course | Cameraland Creative Academy

With Professional Photographer Michael Edwards
Join the Cameraland team every alternate Saturday as you start your photographic journey through fun, interactive classes that inspire!

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  • To get you well acquainted with digital cameras
  • To learn and understand photographic techniques
  • To study the theory of photography
  • To take part in practical photographic sessions
  • To use the theory taught to improve your photography
  • To have fun and network with other creative minds
  • Where: Cameraland Cafe
  • When: Starting April 7 2018 and then every alternate Saturday for the following 8 weeks
  • Time: 9AM - 1PM
  • Focus: Basic photography
  • Price:  R2500 per person
  • What you need:  Digital Camera with Manual Setting
Take the next step on your photographic journey and master your camera, explore history and learn tried-and-tested techniques from an industry expert!
This beginner's course has been designed to give you a solid foundation and help you take your photography to the next level! It is made up of four 4-hour sessions that take place every alternate Saturday. You will have the opportunity to learn from Michael Edwards, a leading professional photographer, who will teach you the fundamentals and guide you through the learning process.
Each module is focused and taught in a practical, hands-on manner to ensure that you'll have a firm grasp of the concepts covered by the end of the session. Classes are kept small to facilitate one-on-one attention when needed.
By basing this course in our training room, you'll have easy access to our photographic studio facility, our cafe and balcony space as well as our creative consultants in both the print department and in-store hardware department. Set in the same building since 1958, Cameraland is located right in the heart of bustling Long Street where creativity and culture flow freely.
  • 4x Saturday workshops over an 8-week period
  • Printed and digital copies of notes with every workshop
  • Group exhibition at completion of course in the Cameraland Gallery Space
  • Certificate of Completion awarded at the exhibition launch
  • Complimentary first option tickets to all Cameraland events during October & November 2017
  • Use of Models and photographic equipment needed during workshops
The Course Will Cover

Module 1

The history of photography:
Get a magical hands on experience with the cameras that have shaped our craft over the past 150 years.

Module 2

Understanding colour, composition and black and white imagery:
Each scene we photograph can be radically transformed by understanding these fascinating disciplines.

Module 3

Exposure: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO demystified:
This is where the rubber hits the road. The crux of our course.

Module 4

Managing sharpness, blur, and depth of focus:
This is where we tune our skills and start exploring creative photography.

Module 5

An outdoor practical session: documentary and architecture:
It's time to have some fun and to practise what you've been taught. You will amaze yourself!

Module 6

Working with on-camera flash and studio flash:
We open up a whole new chapter. Explore how to manipulate and 'shape' light.

Module 7

A practical session using flash in a studio: fashion/portraiture:
See how the delicate use of flash can yield results that you've never even dreamed of.

Module 8

Advanced visual techniques; presenting your work:
Good presentation can improve your images by 30%.


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