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We are proud to share an initiative started by one of our partners, Penda Photo Tours, called the Ibali Photo Collective. While our country has come a far way, it is projects such as these that ensure that we continue on our path of progress by addressing the immense need still present in many under-privileged communities today. Many South African youths live in challenging circumstances and don’t have the opportunity to see beyond their immediate environment. However, when given the opportunity, these same young people have great potential to succeed, to see their lives and their world in a different perspective, and to positively impact their community.

Penda Trust believes that photography is a powerful tool in assisting an individual to engage in a deeper understanding of themselves and their world and we wholeheartedly agree. The primary purpose of Ibali, which means ‘story’ in Xhosa, is to empower young people by teaching them basic photography skills, creating a space for creative expression, and offering ongoing personal mentorship. In addition, their photography has the power to positively impact the broader community by creating awareness of social issues through the eyes of young people. Their images can start conversations that inspire these youth and their community members to bring about solutions to some of the challenges they face.

Penda Trust | Ibali Photo Collective

How You Can Help

Donate your old cameras:
Feel free to drop your old cameras off at the Cameraland store (68 Long Street) and we'll make sure it ends up in the creative hands of one of the beneficiaries of this community initiative. 

Help with funding:
If you do not have any gear that you are able to part with, you can still be a part of this important project. You're invited to fund the various aspects of the project by visiting Penda Trust's givengain page and making a donation online.  

Penda Trust | Ibali Photo Collective

If you have any questions about the Ibali Photo collective or would like to get involved in any way, please get in touch with the lovely people at Penda Trust by visiting their website or emailing [email protected].

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