Photon U2-CQN Mobile Flash

Enjoy 11 levels of flash control and cover 6 levels of aperture with this easy-to-carry portable studio flash light. Featuring a high-colour rendering LED portrait lamp, thus unit offers approximately 800 flashes per charge.

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The U2-CQN mobile studio flash unit from Photon includes a protective hard case for storage, battery pack with shoulder strap for easy portability and a high-efficiency LED portrait lamp. The ideal solution for wedding, studio, news and fashion photographers, its design offers convenience and compact functionality.


Product Highlights


  • Digital electric circuit, micro-controller unit, stable flash output
  • With 11 levels flash control, cover 6 levels of aperture
  • Li-ion phosphate battery boasting a lifespan fivefold that of a lead-acid battery and twice that of a Lithium polymer battery.
  • Each charge offers: 300W flash approximately 800 times, 400W flash approximately 500 times and 600W flash approximately 350 times.
  • Uses eco-friendly low-power high-efficiency LED portrait lamp
  • High flash duration, only 0.2 aperture different between 1/30S and 1/500S
  • Easy to carry and fits all U2 professional accessories
  • Uses Excelidas (PerkinElmer) flash tube


Product Brand Photon
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