Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS Macro for Canon

MACRO 105mm F2.8 EX DG allows greater working distance between the lens and subject. High contrast and excellent image quality are made possible in all shooting ranges. This macro lens is ideal for digital SLR cameras as well as film SLR cameras.
Canon EF 105mm f/2.8
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An easy to use 105mm medium telephoto lens, the Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS Macro for Nikon lens is perfect for taking pictures in nature and it enables use of natural light conditions or flash using the excellent optical stabilisation system. The greater working distance of this lens is very advantageous when taking the picture of a flower among the branches or an insect. You do not shake your subject when you want to take its precise details without blurring by using a tripod. The narrow angle of view is a great aid for simplifying backgrounds and shallow depth of field makes it easier to handle the composition. This lens would have an equivalent field of view of a 178mm telephoto macro lens on a digital SLR camera.

The "focus-free" mechanical design allows the lens to autofocus without any interference from the manual focus ring, making it easy to hold the lens without affecting the speed or normal operation of the autofocus function. Rugged mechanical construction also makes it durable enough for even the heaviest use required by professional photographers. An ideal lens for a wide variety of applications from nature photography to portraiture.

The improved DG lens design for this lens corrects for various aberrations. This macro lens is specially coated to get the best color balance while cutting down on ghosting caused by reflections from the digital image sensor. The lens provides the utmost correction against lateral chromatic aberration which is a serious problem for digital SLR cameras. Sigma's own proprietary OS (Optical Stabilizer) system enables handheld close-up photography.


Lens Construction 11 Elements in 10 Groups
Angle of View 23.3 degrees 
Number of Diaphragm Blades 8 Blades 
Minimum Aperture F45 
Minimum Focusing Distance 31.3 cm
Maximum Magnification 1:1
Filter Size  58mm
Dimensions Diameter 74mm X Length 97.5mm
Weight 460 g
Product Brand Sigma
SKU 13589
Focal Length 105mm
Lens Mount Canon EF
Lens Aperture f/2.8
Autofocus system Yes
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