TetherPro USB 2.0 to Mini-B 5-Pin (Orange)

A high-visibility orange TetherPro cable 4.6m in length designed for optimum tethering of your camera to your computer.

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TetherPro USB cables are constructed to the highest possible USB specifications and incorporate all of the latest technology ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity, and the fastest and most reliable transfers. The TetherPro Premium version USB 2.0 A to Mini-B 5-Pin cable with gold plated connectors for corrosion resistance ensures consistent and reliable conductivity. The cable (4.6m) has a reinforced Ferrite core to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors and full-lined shielding to protect against external signal interference.The TetherPro cable connects to a camera using a Mini-B 5-Pin port. This cable is designed and manufactured to the highest USB specifications ensuring delivery of excellent performance in speed and reliability. For tethering distances greater than 15 feet, per USB specifications, consider a USB 2.0 Active Extension to preserve signal integrity and minimize noise. Extension cables, available in 5, 9.7, 15 or 20m lengths, are active devices and allow distances up to a total of 24m before any drop-off in signal or quality is detected.
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1x TetherPro USB 2.0 to Mini-B 5-Pin cable (Orange)
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