Triggertrap Dongle Cable MD3-DC0 - for Nikon, Fujifilm and Kodak Cameras


The Triggertrap MD3-DC0 kit works with two FujiFilm cameras, one Kodak camera, and 22 Nikon cameras.

Ready to throw away your old cable release? Excellent. Let's get started!


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Are you ready to take your FujiFilm, Kodak, or Nikon camera remote release into the current millennium?


Well, by golly, have you come to the right place. You'll need our award-winning Triggertrap Mobile App (learn more about it here), and a connection kit.


Download the app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device, and use the Triggertrap Mobile kit to connect your smartphone to your camera. Voila and congratulations, you've added a ton of smart features to your camera, including:

Remote Release mode (press to take a photo)
3 different long exposure remote modes (timed remote, press-and-hold, press to start and press to stop)
5 different timelapse modes, including Star Trail, GPS-based DistanceLapse, and TimeWarp™
13-exposure HDR mode
Sound trigger
Vibration trigger (iOS only)
Facial recognition trigger (iOS only)
Motion trigger (iOS only)
Sunset calculator
And much, much more.

Download the free Triggertrap Mobile app (for iOS or Android) and BOOM! - you've opened up a whole new world of camera-triggering possibilities with the ultimate camera remote.

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