Vanguard TBH-50 Ball Head

Featuring large locking knob, degree markings for the 360° panning & Arca-type compatible quick release plate
For VEO travel tripods or monopods

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Vanguard TBH-50 Ball Head is designed for VEO travel tripods and monopods. It’s a compact ball-head that delivers an incredible performance and has a maximum load capacity of 8kg. It also includes a spirit bubble and separate pan-lock for those perfect panoramas. The TBH-50 Ball Head comes with oversized locking knobs that make it easy to grip when locking or releasing the movement. It uses a standard ¼” thread which means it easily attaches to all standard travel tripods with removable heads, or monopods. Whether for portrait or landscape photos, this solid ball-head delivers an incredibly solid grip.
Product Brand Vanguard
Vanguard TBH-50 Ball Head
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