Lenses are sensitive pieces of equipment and can be plagued with mechanical problems such as stuck apertures and focusing issues. Bring your lens to us to ensure your photographs are always tack sharp and your autofocus locks on the way it should.

Cameraland Camera Repair Center has been operating for more than 30 years in Cape Town. Our highly experienced repair technicians will be able to diagnose and, if possible, repair your photographic equipment at an affordable price.

Please call us on 021 - 423 4150 or e-mail tudorrepairs@tudortech.co.za for more information.

Please note that although all major brands are supported, repairs can only be carried out if spares are available for your photographic equipment.
Sigma authorised service center
  • Sigma lens autofocus micro-adjustment
  • Sigma Firmware upgrades
  • Aperture replacements
  • Lens element replacements
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Damaged filter removal - Free
Other Brands
  • Limited to availability of spares
  • Dust and dirt - lens element cleaning (if possible)
  • Damaged filter removal - Free