Cameraland strives to take every customer on a personal photographic journey. These are some of the experiences that customers have sent us


I tip my hat to Cameraland and Chris for the exceptional service regarding the purchase of a Canon lens. I really am blown away by how efficient, reliable and well-priced you guys are. Having ordered a lens in Cape Town 24 hours ago, I really hadn’t anticipated it arriving in Johannesburg today with “standard delivery” – especially at this time of year. That is mind-blowingly unbelievable.

"The quintessence of exceptional service" - December 2017

Just as when something is wrong then us as consumers are very quick at criticizing and complaining so I find it perfectly fair that when something is good I need to complement and praise, on that I would really like to thank you Chris for your meritorious service and continue the awesome work.

"Meritorious service!" -   March 2017

The best service I've had and the friendliest assistance. Excellent guys, keep it up!.

"Friendliest assistance" - January 2017

Exceptional good service! Great product for reasonable price. Even the courier company delivered great service. Thank you so much!

"Exceptional good service!" -   January 2017

Wow, wow, wow. I can't remember when last I experienced service of this quality! I sent them an online query to which they responded almost immediately (already an accomplishment) - thank you, Chris. I asked more questions that was promptly answered and I placed my order. My package arrived less than 24 hours later. Another query that I sent at the same time to a competitor was answered after I got my first notification from Chris that the package was underway… Well done guys, I am hugely impressed!

"Wow, wow, wow" - November 2016

As a graduated Cinematographer, we often seek state of the art tools when it comes to our equipments, that's when Cameraland comes in they have the Best equipments at an affordable price.

"Best equipment... affordable price" - October 2016


"Seems to always go the extra mile" -  September 2016

I buy quite a bit of camera equipment (Leica and Nikon), and have done so in many countries (I have a travelling life). When it comes to the top-end, there are just a handful of stores that give bespoke service. But...in terms of customer service Cameraland in Cape town is unparalleled!!

"Cameraland in Cape town is unparalleled" - August 2016

You guys are amazing! The service I've received has been of a very respectable standard. Thanks for all the help, not only in the store but also over the phone and email.

"You guys are amazing!" - August 2016

Many, many thanks for assisting with this! It is so rare in this day and age to find a company that has such exceptional customer service. Cameraland is without a doubt a preferred supplier to Groundwork and myself.

"exceptional customer service" -   August 2016

Thank you again for the excellent service. It's nice to know that this kind of service still exists.

"Excellent service" - July 2016

Really awesome shop! Love the photo walks and meet ups! Free parking is the cherry on top.

"Love the photo walks" - June 2016

I would love to thank Cameraland and its team for their lovely prizes and participation in our Photographic Group event. You have been most helpful and still are. May you go from strength to strength and please keep up the fantastic work you are doing, as well as all the workshops and walks you offer. Thank you!!!

"Great prices and speedy service" -  June 2016

I just went in to get some passport pics taken but the service was amazing. A big shout out to Mitch who was super helpful and knowledgeable. He even emailed me a copy of my pic in case I wanted to use it as my FB profile picture.

"Service was amazing" - June 2016

I'd like to take this opportunity in thanking Edward for his very informative talk this morning, introducing me to my new camera. Really appreciate everything you guys have done for me, not only on a professional level but the hospitality has been amazing. Thanking you all kindly

"Hospitality has been amazing" - May 2016

What an awesome online shopping experience. Good prices and speedy delivery.

"Awesome online shopping" -   May 2016

I would like to thank you all most sincerely for the excellent service I received from you recently. I came in from the southern suburbs for photos for a Greek passport and was told on the phone that these could take 40 minutes to process. So I was bracing myself for a long wait and settled down at your charming and most convenient coffee shop upstairs. But I had barely finished my delicious lunch when the photographer returned with my photos. Thank you for a most pleasant experience.

"Excellent service" - April 2016

Great Service from Edward today! Awesome shop, awesome staff. Well done guys! Such a pleasure.

"Awesome shop, awesome staff" - April 2016

I would like to commend Cameraland and Chris Davids for an excellent service. The personalised Thank You card which was included with my delivery was a great touch. Easy to shop, great prices and speedy service!

"Great prices and speedy service" -  February 2016

I am from Gauteng and just received my flash which I ordered yesterday! Wow!!!! Excellent service!

"Wow!!!" - January 2016

Faizal - Thank you for your excellent sales service. I really appreciate the information you shared about accessories that will help with my work flow too. I look forward to visiting Cameraland in the New Year!

"Excellent" - 8 December 2015

We would just thank all off you for the most shopping experience online. Special thanks to Chris for sending the order, and all the special treatment on phone by everyone we spoke to. Be assure, from now on our no 1 photography shop. For us hardly getting to bigger cities, it is difficult to buy the right product, but with such assistance we sleep assure. Thanks everybody, very much appreciated.

Christo & Betsie
"No 1 photography shop" -   December 2015

Staff is very professional and understands photography. Reasonable prices

"Very professional" - 17 December 2015

Literally anything you need from printing to lenses. Best prices too!

Anthony - "Best prices" - 19 November 2015

Just a huge thanks again for making the purchase and delivery of my Olympus TG-4 so easy and efficient! You guys are commendable! Great job!

Andrea - "So easy and efficient" -  14 November 2015

WOW!!!! amazing service from Edward....thank you for your patience and assistance I making my latest purchase so easy! You are a credit to your company!!

Karin - "amazing service" - 2 November 2015

What great service, will see me soon again!!

Nico - "Great service" - 4 October 2015

Cameraland SA! Chris, I just love how personalised my purchase is and would highly recommend Cameraland to anyone!

Lauren - "Highly recommended" -  28 September 2015

Mitch, thank you for exceeding my expectations! 
The work you did on my two collages were mind-blowing! 
To make the experience even better was the unexpected updates and early delivery of the job! 
From the bottom of my heart I would like to say THANK YOU!

Thea - "Mind-blowing" - 27 August 2015


Hey Chris, Thank you! The lens arrived this lunchtime - I am impressed with the efficiency and quick response. Thank you very much!

Jimi - "Impressed" - 6 August 2015

I phoned your establishment late this morning to try and order the 17mm f1.8 Olympus lens. If it was possible I wanted the lens delivered by tomorrow latest, as need it for Sunday. I live in Howick, KZN. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Chris, who was absolutely amazing! He kept me informed continuously, and I have strong hopes that the lens will be here via courier tomorrow barring weather conditions! Chris - thank you so much for your help and best regards. Amazing service - I am a first timer but will definitely use your company again in the future. Thank you.

Deanie - "Amazing service" -  23 July 2015


Really impressed with Chris and Clint for the excellent service and especially the "special" delivery. +- 24 hours from time of ordering (Cape Town to Johannesburg)



Kim - "Exceptional" - 5 December 2014

I have received the item I purchased yesterday at around 2:15 this afternoon. I would just like to say that I am really impressed and would like to thank you and everyone there at CameraLand for the amazing service. Thank you so much for all the help you have provided and the amazing delivery. I'm still not sure if the item works because its a gift for a friend but I am already highly impressed and pleased with your services. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Dean - "Amazing delivery" -  4 December 2014

Service was excellent and telephone contact with staff was helpful and friendly. Delivery company was most helpful and it was easy to track the delivery from Cape Town all the way to Krugersdorp.

So all said and done, my first dealings with Cameraland was a real pleasurable experience!

Mike - "Service was excellent " - 14 September 2014

I would just like to send my immense gratitude for the Great service i received from the Cameraland staff. The specific item i requested was not available, but was contacted by a very polite sales man (wish i remembered hes name) and informed of an alternate choice. Amazing client relation services, can never go wrong.

Joe - "Great service" - 10 July 2014

Just to say thank you for such smart service: quick delivery and very competitive price! I'll be shopping at Cameraland again, for sure!

Anna - "Smart service" - 7 July 2014

Thank you for super service, advice and free parking from Clint. And the "web site designer young man" for the instruction lesson on the balcony! Am super exited about my Canon Powershot SX50 Thanks guys...

Inge - "Super service" - 12 June 2014


I phoned early this morning to see if Cameraland stocks wrist straps that fit onto camera. Seems you do not have, but helpful gentleman says I must come to the shop, he will make a plan. When I got there, said gentleman had obviously gone somewhere and managed to locate a spare strap. I did not get his name, but excellent service, went the extra kilometre, well done.

Cullen - "Went the extra kilometre" - 12 June 2014

Very happy with the product and the quick delivery. When we ordered my wife's pair from another company, it took 3 months, because we discovered after we had paid that they didn't have any in stock. I think that was unethical. Thank you for your service - arrived in 48 hours

Andrew - "Happy" -  15 April 2014

Thanks for the speedy delivery. I ordered from 2 places online and the other company package arrived 3 days after the one I ordered from Cameraland. Thanks!

Marten - "Fast delivery" -  5 April 2014


I have received excellent service, delivery was on time as promised and the products are so far faultless. Thank you

Estelle - "Great Service" - 17 March 2014

A big THANK YOU to the team at Cameraland. First off, I am very happy with the product that I purchased, but more than that, I had a time constraint for delivery of the item, and Cameraland came through for me. Delivery was prompt and the package was neat and tidy I will keep them top of my list for any such purchases in the future.

Hilton - "Excellent Service and Delivery" - 17 December 2013

I bought the complete package from Cameraland. The sale went smoothly and delivery was on time.

Andries - "Went smoothly" - 25 May 2013

Thank you for everything - Chris was VERY helpful and very professional. Thanks again.

Leon - "Very satisfied" - 2 April 2013

Thanks for the great service

Sean - "Great Service" - 18 March 2013

Good, prompt service, with speedy delivery.

Morne - "Prompt service" - 5 March 2013


The response from Cameraland was good. I did not hesitate to buy a product from Cameraland. The website is user friendly and I knew immediately what was expected from me and what I can expect. I received the product well within time. Good packaging.

Ina - "Did not hesitate to buy" - 29 Jan 2013