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The latest photographic news, gear reviews, events and the best deals at Cameraland in Cape Town
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Kevin Sawyer Reviews The Sigma 150-600mm Sport Lens

I have photographed A LOT of football matches, yet every time I pack my gear I don't know which lens to use. I love the trusty 70-200mm but it's not a long enough focal length when you are restricted to the pitch-side and the action is happening in the far corner. I also love the 400mm prime f/2.8 - it offers a picture like n...

WE CANNOT BE SILENT | Exhibition for Hope & Healing

Cameraland is one of the proud sponsors of the We Cannot Be Silent exhibition scheduled to launch at The Castle on Women's Day (9 August) next week. We hope that our community will join us by lending their support to this worthy project as we, as a nation, unite against the violent crimes against women and children in South A...

Featured Pro Photographer: Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher is a Cape Town based photographer and educator. With a passion for photography and social issues as well as a belief in the power of visual images to tell stories, Dave is committed to empowering people to explore the world around them through photography and to communicate i...

Vintage Photo Tutorial With Fairy Lights | Video

Fashion and portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi shares a few tips for shooting vintage-inspired photos using fairy lights as a prop. She was inspired by the work of Brandon Woelfel and a full editing tutorial can also be found on her YouTube channel. We think it's the ideal experiment for the cold weather - perfect inspira...

Featured Pro Photographer: Tyrone Turner

From backlands of Brazil to the streets of Baghdad to the bayous of his native Lousiana, photographer Tyrone Turner has traveled the world exploring the human condition, the natural world, and the relationship between the two. He is a contributing photographer with National Geographic an...

How To Pose Your Friends (Who Aren't Models)

Check out this short Mango Street Lab video that explains how best to pose your friends who aren't models for portrait photography. They share a few quick tips that will help you get the most out of any session. In summary, their three key tips would be to use straight lines and s-curves, to direct your friends instead of pos...

Penda Trust Making A Difference Through Photography

We are proud to share an initiative started by one of our partners, Penda Photo Tours, called the Ibali Photo Collective. While our country has come a far way, it is projects such as these that ensure that we continue on our path of progress by addressing the immense need still present in many under-privileged communities tod...

Cape Town Photographers Come Out & Play In The Snow

Cape Town photographers flocked to the Overberg in a flurry as the first snowfall hit the peaks. With Matroosberg being a firm favourite and due to receive some new snow again soon, we thought we’d share some of the amazing shots taken by those brave enough to face the cold these past few days. Some of these are so inspiring,...

Father's Day 2017 Competition

Congratulations to our winner, @zeepix on Instagram! We hope you enjoy your A3 Gallery-Framed Print!

With Father's Day fast approaching we'd like to invite you to tag us in your pictures...

big red for SIGMA

Ireland is an absolutely amazing place. Fields of green that far outstrip what your mind can comprehend. Herds of cattle scuttle past as you walk through farms to get to surf spots and the mountains go beyond that which the eye can see. And waves, well, that’s another story. Ireland, and in particular a little surfing town ca...

Midweek Motivation: The SUP Crossing

The last months of 2016 brought with it a chance encounter with the inspirational Chris Bertish - a remarkable South African currently attempting the first ever solo SUP Trans-Atlantic Crossing! Chris was stocking up on some ...

Nikon Student Support Promotion

Kick the new school year off on a high note with the Nikon Student Support (NSS) Promo! Full-time students studying photography, graphic design or art can now enjoy a 10% discount on any Nikon product purchase!

How To Claim Your Discount:

 1. Complete the Nikon Student Support Form available in-store
 3. Submit ...

Canon 10% Student Discount

Get your Canon gear at discounted prices for the new school year! Are you studying photography, art or design? This is your chance to get geared up and still have a little extra spending money left! Simply fill out your details on the Canon Student Promo form and submit it when making your purchase to qualify for a 10% discou...

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