Payment Methods

What Payment Methods Do We Provide?

You can pay by EFT Pro or by 3D-Secure Enabled Cheque or Credit card. We make use of PayU to process our credit card and EFT Pro transactions.

PayU is the leading online payment service provider in South Africa and is dedicated to creating a fast, simple and efficient payment process. They are focused on and continue to focus on matching merchants’ needs with the way consumers shop and pay.Whether someone wants to make a payment online on a computer, tablet, mobile device, e-wallet or even offline, PayU's payment methods are designed to make it fast, simple and secure. Read more about PayU here.


How do I process a transaction on 

  • Choose the products or services to buy and complete the shopping cart and check out process.
  • Click "Place Order" to be transferred to the PayU payment gateway
  • Pay through the PayU payment system, using their preferred payment option: 3D Secure Enable Credit/Cheque Card or EFT Pro electronic bank transfer.
  • When paying by bank card, please make sure to enter your personal and card details correctly and make sure your preferred 3D-Secure One Time Pin communication method is close at hand so that you can enter the One Time Pin before it expires.
  • If paying by EFT Pro, please select the appropriate bank which you bank with. PayU will then allow you to login in using your internet banking credentials immediately (i.e. you don't need to login to your internet banking seperately and setup beneficiaries on your profile). Payment via EFT Pro is usually immediate but  it can take 0 - 48 hours (weekends excluded) to clear with the given PayU account depending on who you bank with.
  • PayU validates the transaction information through its Fraud Detection System and processes the payment if it passes
  • Once payment has been made and your order has been placed you will receive an Order Confirmation email and once payment has been processed you will receive a Tax Invoice, and once your order has been shipped you will receive a Shipment confirmation e-mail.

Why Is My Credit Card Payment Not Being Accepted? 

Your credit card payment might not be going through because of our new enabled credit card security. Shopping with Cameraland is safe and secure. It is exactly the same as shopping with your credit card at a store. Cameraland makes use of a extra level of security called 3D secure. During the credit card checkout stage, when paying via credit or cheque card, you will be prompted to enter your One Time Pin (or password depending on your bank) which is sent to the contact you specified on your banking profile. This will stop fraudulent credit card attempts as only you can process an online payment this way. Once you have entered in your pin correctly, your transaction will be processed. If you do not have a 3D-secure enabled bank card, you will need to contact your issuing bank and request them to enable your card. 

Please click on the links below for more 3D secure information

Standard Bank


Why Am I Being Asked For Additional Proof Of Identity After I've Paid By Credit Card?

In certain instances we might need to confirm your identity and that it matches the bank card used to place the order. We'd rather err on the side of caution than send goods to criminals and contribute to the victimization of members of society. Please bear with us in supplying the necessary documentation when requested. Sometimes this process will only flag your order at the point when it reaches dispatch. This is when the more stringent check is done. We would usually request a faxed or emailed copy of ID/passport and/or the front and back of the credit card you used. You may blot out the CVC number on your bank card.

Cameraland Payment Options