Sensor Cleaning

Modern DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras are prone to gather dust on their sensor and this can leave nasty round spots on all your memories. If you see consistent dark spots on your images, you will need to bring your camera to us to have the sensor cleaned. In this you will ensure your images always look their best. NB:It is very important to not attempt to clean the sensor yourself without the proper tools. Even with the proper tools, you run the risk of scratching your sensor, and replacing the sensor can be an exceptionally costly exercise. We use factory-grade sensor cleaning equipment that is made specifically for cleaning DSLR sensors and we have 20 years experience in cleaning DSLR camera sensors.

Please call us on 021 - 423 4150 or e-mail for more information.

Cleaning Service
  • Compressed air mirrorbox / sensor cleaning - FREE
  • Full Sensor Swab - R300

Dirty DSLR Camera Sensor