Here’s What You Missed: Cameraland Launches FotoExhibit #2 with First Thursdays

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Photographic art is an experience we believe should be shared and celebrated. This was the thinking behind the last event hosted at the store. Launching FotoExhibit #2 with First Thursdays at Cameraland got the exhibition off to a fantastic start with a great turnout as a night of creative appreciation and inspiration was had by all.


It seems the City herself was tired of all the cold weather because Thursday night brought with it a hint of the balmy air of summer. The great weather ensured that the last First Thursdays event of winter 2015 was well-attended. Creatives came out in droves to enjoy the many exciting exhibitions on show as galleries throughout the CBD threw open their doors until late.



Those wise enough to visit 68 on Long were greeted with a complimentary glass of wine on arrival before making their way upstairs. Lining our spiral staircase, portraits by photographic artist Adrian Nakic escorted them to the first floor where they could enjoy the photographic work of Sam Wilkinson, Johan Wilke, Neville Lockhart and Christof Van Der Walt in our first floor gallery space. They were also able to savour the uncommonly warm winter’s night from our balcony and visit the studio space where a loop of vintage cartoons was screened for the night.


The work of talented architecture students, Max Melvill and Jamil Randera, on display at the coffee bar on the first floor, features some of the most iconic buildings Cape Town has to offer. Accurately-drawn facades of 36 different buildings are paired with unique colour schemes to express their particular character and context and ultimately uncover each building’s essence, charm, and ‘-ness’. Displayed together, the collective body of work in turn begins to reveal the ‘ness’ of our cities.


Another flight of stairs would take guests to the rooftop where the soundtrack was provided by the fusion folk band Jenny & The Jameses. As they finished up their set to much applause, the skilled fire dancers of Flow DNA took their place at centre stage. The audience was treated to a rare occurrence as an impromptu jam session between the musicians and the dancers seemed to spill into the night as we all feasted our senses on the creative energy so skilfully dished out by Flow DNA and Jenny & The Jameses.


A night that seemed to end too quickly, First Thursdays at Cameraland was a resounding success. We could neatly check our two objectives off the list as we shared the photographic art of talented artists and celebrated it with good wine, good company and some of the best entertainment the beautiful City of Cape Town has to offer.


 First Floor Gallery Space | Cameraland Cape Town

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Visit our gallery and coffee shop on the first floor before the end of August 2015 to see FotoExhibit #2.

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