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Weebill Lab boasts a versatile and ergonomic structure that even revolutionizes the entire appearance. 


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Weebill Lab boasts a versatile and ergonomic structure that even revolutionizes the entire appearance. You can either hold it upright or enter a handy underslung position by mounting the tripod as a handgrip. This is how we make it possible for an effortless and unique filming experience.

Crafted Latch Design

Weebill Lab is designed with a latch on each axis which makes it super easy to balance. You can lock certain axes while balancing the other and save the current setup for next time. It’s a piece of versatile equipment for run-and-gun filmmakers to carry around and start instant shooting anywhere anytime.

Via Touch System

Via Touch Control System enables users to take care of every detail simply on a phone screen. You can make various gimbal movements and camera settings while framing the shots simultaneously all via the same screen. Filming on a camera would just be as easy as filming on a phone.

Always in Focus

The external follow focus motor equipped to WEEBILL LAB supports precise and smooth focus control to all camera systems. With the tactile wheel on its body, you can easily pull focus while moving and shooting.

PhoneGo Mode to Unleash Full Potential

A single tap on the Go button, your camera is ready to handle the extreme sports scene. The PhoneGo mode empowers the gimbal to its maximum follow speed and helps to capture the object wanted precisely. In-camera scene transition can be easily achieved within seconds.


  • For Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras up to 3.2kg
  • FF Control for Select Canon DSLRs
  • Pro-Grade Image Stabilization
  • OLED Display
  • Camera Control via Handgrip Buttons
  • 6000mAh Battery Runs up to 18 Hours
  • Quick Release Camera Plate
  • Gradual Power-Down Protects Camera
Product Brand Miscellaneous
  • Weebill Lab
  • Tripod, x3 Batteries (18650)
  • Battery Charger
  • Cables
  • Carry Case
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