Hahnel Captur Remote Control & Flash Trigger for Canon Cameras

Enjoy complete convenience and precision when you trigger your Canon DSLR remotely with this wireless system or experiment with creative lighting effects by triggering your flash off-camera. Includes transmitter, receiver, connection cables and four AA batteries.

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Trigger your Canon camera and flash remotely and with complete peace of mind with the Captur Remote Control and Flash Trigger from industry leaders, Hahnel. This system boasts a range of up to 100m and operates on a frequency of 2.4GHz. Additional triggers and receivers can be connected to the system thanks to the Digital Channel Matching feature.

The two-stage shutter release button triggers autofocus on half-press and shutter release on full press. Powered by just two AA batteries each, the system’s components are compatible with a range of other Hahnel modules to further enhance functionality.


• 100m Range
• Frequency: 2.4GHz
• Two-stage shutter release button
• Digital Channel Matching
• Optional modules available separately

Product Brand Hahnel
1x transmitter
1x receiver
N1, N2 & N3 connection cables
4x AA batteries
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